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Lyrobot: A New AI for the Cavern

Portrait de Lyrositor

Lyrositor announced yesterday the public unveiling of his latest project, Lyrobot, an artificial intelligence akin to OHBot and serving in The Fun House. It can accept a range of Fun House-specific commands, but can also interact at a basic level with other explorers, do math, predict portal times, link people to him automatically, and be controlled through his web interface, featuring Lyroscope (a live-time feed of what Lyrobot is seeing), the Age Chat (a web chat with Uru through Lyrobot), the KI Registry (vastly similar to the KI Directory), and a web control interface for illusions in The Fun House.

As of this day, Lyrobot is currently at version 1.0.1, and is comparatively limited when likened with OHBot; however, new features are being actively added by Lyrositor, and Lyrobot might eventually catch up to him. Lyrobot can usually be found in The Fun House, if he is online, which is not always guaranteed.

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